7 Reasons Why You Should Start Travelling Young

     Ever backed out of a travel plan because you were strapped for cash? Or ever wanted to go somewhere but you felt tied down by your college schedule, or boyfriend / girlfriend? Well, the truth is travelling young is the best choice that you can make. In this article, we’ll take you through seven reasons why you should stop making excuses and start travelling as a young person.

  1. 1) It gives you a whole new perspective on life. Travelling inspires you. When you see beautiful new vistas, breathe in a whole new culture, visit a new terrain, you are opened up to experiences you would never have fully realized if you were just watching them on a TV set or on a computer screen. Seeing new places gives you the kind of space to breathe and think about your life journey in a whole new way. That’s why several authors and creative people keep travelling in order to get new inspiration for their work. The next time you travel, pack a camera and a notebook, and you’ll be surprised to see how many new ideas for your life you can come up with within just a week of touring a place.

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  3. 2) It helps you meet new people. This may seem obvious, but it’s a vital part of your growing up process. When you meet new people on your travels, you are exposed to their thoughts and ideas. People in your own hometown may have many similar ways of thinking, which may not differ much from yours. When you travel, you are coming into contact with a whole new series of people. You will learn the value of skillful communication; you can hear their stories; you can see life through their eyes. This will make you better appreciate the value of learning more languages and also give you a better appreciation for other cultures. Both of these are valuable for any future career path that you may choose later in life.

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  5. 3) It presents you with new challenges and the tools to confront them. When you travel on a budget, it never is easy. You will have to rough it out some of the time. You may face tricky situations where you do not understand a local language or you are in an unfamiliar location. You may be forced to be creative with how you use the limited resources at your disposal and may even be forced to take up a local job to finance the rest of your journeys. Whatever the scenario, when you are faced with these challenges, you’ll be surprised at how adept your brain is to confront them. The kindness of strangers will more likely than not see you through, as well as your own personal skills, giving you a better appreciation for being social as well as for your own abilities. These are the kind of valuable life lessons young CEOs of leading companies employ through their frequent travel experiences.

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  7. 4) It helps you connect better with your counterparts around the globe. Haven’t you frequently felt that the world revolves around you? That nothing matters except you and your own experiences? And that every time you hear about a bombing or a flood in another country, you merely read on with casual disinterest? When you travel, you see that the world is not just about you. It’s filled with beautiful and diverse people. When you see how they live and how they go through the same emotions you or people you personally know do, you’ll see that you start to empathise better with suffering people across the world. Your daily actions and choices take on new meaning and you’ll be able to make more informed decisions when you are voting for your next leader. All of these will help to shape you into a confident, concerned and responsible adult.

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  9. 5) It makes you better appreciate your current lifestyle. If you live an easy urban lifestyle, a week in the mountains can really help you feel better about all those simple luxuries that you may have taken for granted until then. For people who live in the mountains, an arduous trek that you cover in a couple of days is a way of life for them and something they have to do on a daily basis. The inconvenience you face of being without a mobile network while you’re up there is something they have grown used to and compensate with other more people friendly methods of communication. The fact that there are no fancy malls or supermarkets around makes you realise that all the luxury that you have in your lap is something to be grateful for and not complain so much about.

  11. 6) It lets you find beauty in nature and simple things. The beauty of a sunrise over the hills, the sound of birdsong in a valley, the gushing of a river, the rain in a forest – all of these sights and experiences are packed with so much beauty that you have probably never experienced beyond a video on the Internet. When you see these face to face, you will realise how beautiful the world really is and how much more you need to do to protect nature. You realise how frivolous all those things you find necessary to your daily life really are, and you become a more conscientious member of society. All of these habits are easier changed at a young age rather than when you’re older so it’s really something for you to consider as a young person.

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  13. 7) It helps you learn more. You will always learn something new when you travel. Whether it’s picking up a new language or learning a piece of history or discovering a geographical bit of information that you never knew, a traveller is always more well informed than her non travelling counterpart.

  14. Don’t let money stop you from travelling. You can have money at any time, but you can’t be young forever. In case you missed it, check out these 10 Tips for Saving Money and get your travel plans on their way.

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