Beer vs. Wine vs, Liquor

To be healthy or to be drunk. Tough choice? Not quite! You’ll be surprised to know that a couple of glasses of your favourite alcoholic drink can pack fewer calories than a diet meal that you may be on. But as with other beverages, there is a vast difference in how many calories are in a glass of wine, beer or liquor. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these types of alcohol so that the next time you’re on a diet, you know which one to pick.



     Beer is always a bit tricky. It’s great for a night out with the gang, tastes great and doesn’t give you quite the hangover other alcohols would. But is it bad for your waistline? You bet! A 12 ounce mug of beer packs 150 calories. That’s a whopper when you consider how many mugs you’re going to be downing when you’re hanging out with friends and trying to take it easy on a hot day. So should you say no to beer altogether? Not quite. Just be picky with the kind of beer you choose to binge on. A lager packs fewer calories than an ale would. So sticking with light beers throughout the evening should be good for you. You’ll be happy to know that the yeast in beer also provides several health benefits, particularly to benefit your nervous system and heart.


Here are some beer drinks you can consider the next time you want a healthy night out:

  • -Did you know you could combine beer and wine? Try adding some champagne to your Irish stout next time and enjoy yourself a Black Velvet.

  • -A shandy. A simple shandy consists of mixing beer with a soda or even some sprite. This is not bad a combination for your light beer.

  • -Stick with unfiltered beer. You can either brew your own beer at home, or you can go in for a Belgian.

  • -Light beer is always healthier. Go light and avoid the more heavier varieties like stouts and porters, or even pale ale.

Wine is easily thought of as the most healthy form of alcohol out there. Everyone cites its many health benefits, it’s light and easy on the palate and a couple of glasses won’t turn you into a crazy ravaging drunk, so it’s perfect for semi formal gatherings. The good news is wine is also light on the calorie count. 5 ounces of wine contain just 100 calories. That’s excellent news for anyone who wants to get that alcohol high but doesn’t want the burgeoning belly that comes with it.


Here are some ideas to get the most out of your wine drink and make sure it is healthy:

  • -Try a wine spritzer. That’s half a glass of wine combined with half a glass of club soda. By having a wine spritzer, you’re automatically cutting the calorific value of the drink in half. So you can drink more and not feel guilty about it later!

  • -Try a sangria. Get those fruits chopped up in there and add them to your favourite wine. It makes for a great punch, and while you will have added sugar from the fruit, you have the comfort of knowing that it’s a healthy source of sugar.

  • -Go for just a plain glass of wine. Wine all by itself is healthy as well. Get yourself your favourite wine to go with your meal and you know you’ll be fine in the long run.

     Plain liquor is by far a healthier drink choice than beer. 1.5 ounces of liquor contains just 100 calories. However, the thing with liquor is you need to have it unmixed if you really want to be healthy. Adding any sort of mixer, syrup, juice to make a cocktail is what gets you the higher calories count. It’s recommended that you have liquor either neat, or on the rocks (plenty of ice) or with just plain water. Vodka, whiskey, gin and rum contain no carbohydrates so they make for a really healthy drink choice if drunk plain.


Here are some ideas for your liquor drinks if you want a bit of flavour as well as the health benefit:

  • -Try vodka in water or club soda. If you find the taste is a bit too plain for your palate, you can try using a flavoured vodka. You can even add in a twist of lime if you want to flavour things up a bit. Adding fruit juices to your vodka is also a healthier alternative to more unhealthy syrup based mixers.

  • -Good old gin and tonic. If you like, you can also try gin with water or even a gimlet. All of these are healthy alternatives to a more unhealthy gin cocktail.

  • -Whiskey goes best with ice or plain water. It’s a smooth drink that goes down easy and also has several health benefits to mixing it with coke or another mixer.

  • -Rum with diet coke makes for a healthy drink. You can add a dash of lime to give you a more flavourful treat. You can try this for both light and dark rums.

The Bottom Line:


     The winner is wine, which is healthier than both plain liquor and beer. Sticking to just two drinks in one night is advisable, or you might get into dangerous drunk territory, and that just means bad news for your waistline. Studies have shown that light drinking is actually good for you, so drinking in moderation is a good thing even as opposed to being completely sober. Alternate between alcoholic and alcohol free drinks if it’s a casual gathering that will extend for a long time. You can have your glass of alcohol of choice and then have some sparkling water with a dash of lime. This will not only refresh you but will also keep you going all night, instead of leaving you raving drunk at the end of the evening.

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