Alpha Male Affirmations

Here is the second instalment of the Alpha Male Affirmations series. Enjoy!

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I am an Alpha Male.
My life is full of purpose and ambition.
I go for what I want in life.
I am powerfully charismatic.
Women cannot get enough of me.
I love taking risks.
I have the power to attract, comfort and seduce any woman I choose.
I attract success into my life.
I surround myself with the right people.
Women fantasize about me.
I radiate confidence.
I take complete responsibility for my life.
I control conversations.
I am calm, cool, and collected.
Women are shy and need to be approach them.
I do not place others on a pedestal.
I play by my own rules.
I am strong, both physically and mentally.
I understand that with failure comes opportunity.
I have a great sense of humour.
Women are drawn to me wherever I go.
I focus on what I want.
People are naturally attracted to me.
I acknowledge my life’s purpose.
I pursue my goals.
Women crave my attention.
I do what I say, not say what I do.
I am the leader of men and women.
I have a growth mindset.
My outer world reflects my inner world.
I can have whatever I want.
I operate on a higher frequency than most.
Success is my calling.
I am an Alpha Male.

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