7 Strategies for Weight Management

     It is surprising to notice that everyone tends to be a weight specialist. This is because advice on weight loss is always proffered to you when it is becoming clear that you are getting fatter than normal. When I say everyone, I mean even people that are also overweight! While some of these weight loss tips can be reliable and capable of achieving best results, a greater number of them often lead to poor and undesirable results. However, it is clear that people react differently to different weight loss strategies because what is good for the goose, may not also be good for the gander.


The crux of the matter here is that a particular strategy may not work perfectly for every individual because individuals’ body compositions play a key role in weight loss susceptibility. Despite the fact that there is no officially acclaimed strategy for weight loss, there exist some tips that often prove successful.

Prepare your Mind

     Self motivation is one of the most crucial steps an individual ought to take before embarking on a critical mission. Did I say critical mission? Yes, weight loss and maintenance is one hell of a critical mission! You need to accept the fact that weight loss and maintenance is a critical mission that requires a lifetime commitment. It is not just about scrutinizing your meals; it is way broader than that! It is a lifestyle.


     It is imperative to understand the correlation between weight loss and weight maintenance. When an individual achieves weight loss and decides to go quiet about it, it leads to several problems because he still encounters weight issues after he must have regained weight. Therefore, weight loss and maintenance are two sides of the same coin. When you decide to live a healthy life and also own a healthy weight, you place yourself on a lifetime commitment that creates adverse results when violated. As soon as this commitment is established, an action plan for effective and healthy weight lifestyle can be planned, formulated and executed without hassles.

Formulate SMART Goals

     SMART is a common acronym that represents Smart Measurable Achievable Realistic and Trackable. This acronym is common among business managers, time planners and employees, but it is interesting to know that same strategy can be applied to your weight loss and maintenance campaign. You may have plans of cutting your consumption of meat, sugar and dairy or you may even have a more realistic plan of reducing two dress sizes within the space of four months. While the aforementioned statements may be qualified to be called goals, they are better termed vague goals.


     Vague goals are plans that do not hold one accountable enough. They are general wishes without specific measures to actualize them. If you want to lose two dress sizes in the next four months without an action plan to actualize it, the probability of your plan ending in futility is extremely high. For instance, you may set an action plan of losing 0.5 dress weights per month and spread it across four months in order to achieve your target. Using this medium, your goals can now be tracked using smaller measurements making it more realistic.

     It is highly important to be realistic in setting your goals. It ensures that you are not preparing yourself for future disappointment. If you get disappointed during the course of your weight loss program, it gets you discouraged and makes you discontinue with it.

Make your meals fresher


     It is important for you not to see your eating behavior as restrictive. Your calorie consumption can be reduced, yet your foods can still remain delicious. Therefore, you are advised to adopt an adventurous lifestyle by adding more mangoes and pomegranates to your diet and substituting them with bananas and apples. Also, substitute ground beef with lean meat because ground beef tend to clog the arteries. Furthermore, your breakfast should consist more of low fat yoghurt mixed with honey. This way, you can still maintain quality and tasty meals and undergo weight reduction simultaneously.

Increase your Fiber Intake

grits with apples, bananas, raisins,

     Recent research results from the American Journal of Clinical Condition shows that fiber tends to restrict weight increase. Foods that are extremely rich in fiber digest slowly which makes you feel full for a long period of time. Also, water is a prominent component of fiber as seen in several vegetables and fruits. This strategy ensures no room for calories. There are several examples of fiber-rich foods that should be included in your diet. They include apples, pears, oatmeal and cereals. Others include prunes, pasta, tortillas and flaxseeds.

Keep Records

     Aside from accounting and business management, record keeping is also a very useful tool for weight loss and maintenance. Devoting your time to jotting wrong meal choices you previously made may motivate you to discover the gravity of your mistake and effect changes. Aside from that, records serve as a reliable data source that can prove to be useful during your visits to the nutritionist. This data can thereafter be used to fashion out feeding patterns that may end up being useful to you.


     Also, record keeping boasts of possessing a broader impact on weight loss and maintenance. Assuming you and your friends commit to a weight loss and maintenance pattern and adhere strictly to it, records can be taken of progress and words of encouragement can be provided to individuals that may tend to be failing in their obligations.

Get Support

     External support is very important for encouraging an individual to attain success in the midst of daunting challenges. That is why it is relevant to seek external support from your friends, spouse, relatives, healthcare expert or a support group online. Just ensure you have someone that will be responsible for holding you accountable for your flaws. Your source of external support should be someone that can provide attentive ears to you and encourage you whenever you feel disappointed or tired with your weight loss or maintenance program.


     According to recent research by the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in the United States, individuals were interviewed and over 90 percent of respondents affirmed that their weight loss journey was successful due to the encouragement and support they received from their family members and relatives alike.

Know your Obstacles

     Honesty they say is a virtue. Aside from being a virtue, honesty is a very important component of your weight loss and maintenance program. How is this so? You should be very honest with yourself and be able to identify areas that may appear sticky before formulating plans on dealing with them. For instance, if you are a parent and known for consuming leftovers of noodles from your kids, you should imbibe the habit of popping mint gum in your mouth whenever your kids eat their noodles.

Back of businessman getting lost in a maze

     Furthermore, lack of convenience is reputed as a very huge obstacle for most people. For instance, preparing healthy foods before time and placing cut fresh vegetables and fruits in refrigerators can prove to be healthier than eating processed snacks that are very unhealthy. This strategy ensures that you eat good and healthy foods for your health benefit.

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