Seven Habits of Successful People

     Success means different things to different people.That explains why individuals read different meaning to it. However, for people who call themselves “successful”, there are lots of similar things they undertake. If you wish to emulate them and achieve similar level of “success” like them, it becomes imperative to follow their traits.

  1. They plan big:

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     According to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, goals without plans are wishes. It is important to know that successful people do not engage in any form of wishful thinking. They know where they are heading to and they have viable plans to attain these goals. Most of them may not have plans to attain their goals but at least they have plans to take initial steps in their career. It is true that most plans are flexible but it is important to start first before checking to see if your plan is flexible or feasible.

     They don’t only create plans; they also formulate deadlines or milestones to achieve their targets. This makes them very active in their activities and ensures that they achieve each of their set milestones to achieve their overall big target.

  1. They dream big:

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     A popular proverb says, “If your plans do not scare you, you have no plans after all”. It is believed that most successful get inspired by that proverb to stretch themselves and achieve big in their field of endeavor. This is because all successful people have dreams that are motivating and inspiring which compels them to achieve in the future. Their thoughts are not considered limited to the views of what other people will see as attainable or realistic. This is because they dream real big and these dreams are often seen by the general public as vain, irrelevant or unrealistic.

  1. They are hardworking:

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     Successful people are known to be willing and enthusiastic individuals. This is because they always work hard to attain their goals and often limit distractions. They hardly indulge in “busyness”. Busyness is the act of acting busy even when you are performing irrelevant tasks. These individuals always place focus in what needs to be done and develop huge commitment in dealing with those issues. Also, they manage distractions by formulating measures to limit it.

  1. They are experts:

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     Successful people are knowledgeable in the necessary fields that will guarantee the attainment of their goals. These groups of people possess high level of skills in their specific work which makes them successful and capable of employing other individuals in their respective disciplines. This explains why skill acquisition is important because it appears all successful individuals are experts in their own disciplines. To be successful, you have to be an expert!

  1. They are determined:

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     Determination begets success. Most successful people do not see things from a negative point of view. They are always positive and aim to achieve success, not minding the consequences and circumstances attached. This resolve ensures that they are not easily distracted by societal and environmental factors. Also, they are not discouraged by problems because they believe problems are part of their aims which they are bound to meet. They construct action plans to deal with these problems in order to guarantee the smooth attainment of their goals.

  1. They are responsible:


     Responsibility lies in your ability to accept blames for your errors and never blame others for your own mistakes. Whenever successful people fail, they dust up themselves with a firm resolve to accept blames for their failure, fashion out strategies and work to correct these failures. It is generally believed that successful people accept blames for their failure because they believe it is the only way to make headway and progress.

  1. They are decisive:


     Success and decision making are opposite sides of the same coin. This is because successful people strong decision makers. This is because they believe in the assertion that, someone else will make decisions in your life if you fail too”. Therefore successful people are known to be individuals with quick decision making skills who always stick to their decisions and avoid second-guessing or indecision.

What are your thoughts on these seven habits? How many sounds like you? Leave your comments below!

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