5 Reasons to have more Sex

     There is a popular saying that, “sex is sweet even when it is bad”. This makes sex a good endeavour for everyone as we tend to feel more relaxed when we are engaged in some sessions on our bed sheets. However, we have dug deeper to scout for hard facts in order to bring you 5 ways in which sex will improve your lives. Read, enjoy and pass on to others!


1) It is the best way to de-stress yourself:

     Sex is one the best methods used to reduce stress. Whenever you get disappointed by deep breathing exercise, sex provides a medium for stress reduction. This is because during the process of sex, dopamine is produced by the body. Dopamine is a substance that is effective in fighting hormones responsible for stress. It also induces the secretion of endorphins (happiness hormones) and oxytocin secreted by the pituitary gland. Recently, research was conducted on male rats by three neuroscientists at the United States Public Library of Science journal and it was discovered that there was a greater show of anxiety by sexually active rats than their counterparts with no form of sexual activity.

     Furthermore, sex livens up your spirits. How? It stimulates the growth of cells in the hippocampus of the brain which perfectly controls stress levels.

2) It is a great form of exercise and helps to reduce blood pressure:

     Sex is undoubtedly a form of physical activity. During the process of love making, the physiological changes experienced in your body are synonymous with what is obtained during a workout session. It is obvious that you will instantly notice a rise in respiratory rate which makes you tired and burn calories. Assuming you have sex 45 minutes a week (even though you can do far better than that), a astonishing 7, 500 calories will be burnt within a year. This is equivalent to 75 miles of ceaseless jogging. The amount of oxygen in your cells increases during heavy breathing and your bones are kept strong by the testosterone produced during sexual intercourse.

     Blood pressure reduction is another health benefit offered by sex. This is because the diastolic blood pressure is reduced during the process of sexual intercourse. Research by health experts from the University of Paisley also revealed that blood pressure is improved by sex.


3) It improves your immunity and ensures a healthy heart:

     Getting bored by sniffles? The best way to fight cold, flu and other health issues is sex! This means sex can adequately boost your immunity. When you engage in regular sex, your body’s secretion of immunoglobulin A antigen increases.

     Despite the fact that sex provides the opportunity for helping you burn calories, it also helps to improve your heart. This is because sex helps you fight heart attack and stroke in a beautiful manner. This means you can still enjoy yourself and be guaranteed of stroke and heart attacks prevention.

     The effects of sex to the heart was examined and elaborated by scientists at the New English Research Institute. Their investigation showed that there is a 45 percent rate of likelihood that men would experience cardiovascular diseases. However, the study fails to vividly show the effects of sex on the heart of a woman.

4) Reduces prospects of getting cancer and offers prostate protection:

     Consistent ejaculation is proven to limit your chances of being infected with cancer. According to a research carried out in Australia, men that ejaculated over 21 times a month were seen as less susceptible to cancer. This claim was further backed up by researches which revealed that the risk of contacting prostate cancer is reduced by sexual intercourse.

     The prostate gland is responsible for much of the fluid emitted from the body during sex. The fluid stays within the gland as soon as you stop ejaculating and they grow in size causing series of problems. Consistent ejaculation tends to wash away those fluid and ensure the healthy nature of your prostate until you become aged. When you abruptly alter the frequency of emissions, problems may also occur.


5) It perfectly induces sleep and leads to stronger pelvic muscles:

     You may desire a good sleep after a hectic day. But it may surprise you to know that sex and exercises play similar roles. Post-coital relaxation is caused by the increasing rate of heart rate. This leaves sex as the only viable remedy to relax, and a good session will certainly provide a great deal of relaxation. However, if you already feel sleepy, you are also bound to be induced to sleep by sexual intercourse. Recent events have shown that men become lethargic as soon as they ejaculate which also induces sleep.

     Several muscles are involved in sexual activity which ensures that stronger pelvic muscles can be developed through regular sexual activities. Since a wide range of muscles are involved in sexual activities, it also aids in strengthening these muscles. This ensures that a strong bowel and bladder function can be established with constant and regular sex.

     It is obvious that tougher muscles, healthy heart, happiness and improved oxygen circulation are part of the several factors that tend to add age to an individual and ensure long life. This claim is affirmed by researchers at the British Medical Journal who claim that men that engage in sexual activity tend to live twice longer than their counterparts who rarely engage in sexual activity.

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